About Oui 'Je

Made with LOVE!

Oui 'Je  Handmade Products are created to help maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Oui 'Je Handmade Products was started because of the sensitivity to commercial products that my children and I have.

I quickly realized that the chemicals in most store bought soap, lotion, and hair products were responsible for certain allergies, and break outs. That prompted my product research, and my decision to make our bath and body products myself.

After giving away my products to friends and family, and getting great feedback from people with similar skin issues. My mother talked me into making my soaps and body butters available to others. That's when i decided to start Oui 'Je Handmade Products.

Oui 'Je Handmade Products are handmade with LOVE.

My scents are chosen to invoke a peaceful, calming, and relaxing atmosphere.

The ingredients in my products are for all skin types.

Oui 'Je (Yes I), take great pride in the products I sell. My online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to purchase from my product catalog.

All my bath and body products are made in small batches and are hand-cut.

I hope you too can benefit from my bath and body Products.


Oui 'Je Handmade Products
email:  OuiJeProducts@gmail.com
phone: (347) 704-5165