Take your skin to the next level, and have a healthy glow!


Perfect for elbows, knees, calves or anywhere you need some skin softening, exfoliating and moisturizing. 


Created with nourishing vegetable oils, nut oils, butters, and Vitamin E.


Because salt and sugar scrubs both naturally dissolve while you’re using them, they actually end up gradually morphing into a polish while you’re exfoliating your skin, perfecting it to a whole other degree!


Sugar scrubs can be made with table sugar as well as with unrefined sugar. Table sugar granules are rounder than those of sea salt which makes them perfect for use on the face as well as other sensitive areas on your body. It makes a great mild scrub since it dissolves rather quickly in water and it leaves your skin feeling super soft.


Mango Delight Sugar Scrub
Mango Delight Sugar Scrub

A face or body scrub, with fine grain sugar for exfoliation. Created with nourishing Sunflower Oil...



How Often Should You Use Them?

It really depends. A sugar scrub can be used two or three times a week if you’d like, since it’s not very abrasive.


You’re going to love the way you feel when you’re finished exfoliating.