Oui ‘Je Handmade Facts

What is the difference between Oui ‘Je Handcrafted Soaps and Commercial Soaps?

Commercial Soaps are manufactured in large factories, and contain synthetic detergents and filers that dilute the actual soap content, and have the glycerin removed.

Oui ‘Je Handcrafted Soaps are made in small batches with my personal oversight and care. High-quality ingredients are used, and often specialty oils, and additives to personalize each formula. My soaps are unique in terms of ingredients, colors, shapes, and scents. It's not only natural but functional and beautiful. 

What is Handcrafted Soap?

Handcrafted Soaps are the result of a chemical reaction between vegetable or animal fats, water, and lye. When combined, they transform into soap and glycerin with NO lye remaining in the soap. This reaction is called “saponification”, which literally means “the making of soap.”

How is Oui ‘Je Handmade Soap made?

My handcrafted soap can be made from scratch by the cold process or hot process methods, or by using a detergent free, all natural, pre-made soap base.

What are the ingredients of Oui ‘Je Handmade Products?

I use a variety of natural ingredients and methods. Some of my ingredients will include the use of food-quality natural ingredients such as, olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, goats milk, and aloe vera to name a few. I also may add specialized oils, nut butters or seed extracts such as shea butter, mango butter, and neem tree oil to name a few.

All of my soaps are detergent free.

 What are the scents in my soaps?

Fragrance oils or plant-based essential oils.

How are Oui ‘Je Handmade Products colored?

Cosmetic–grade pigments or dyes, and other natural ingredients. For those with sensitivities, I also make “simple soaps” with no additives or scent, upon request. Just let me know on the “Contact Oui ‘Je” page and let me know what you would like to have made.

Shower Fizzies and How do you use them?

If you are not a soaking fan, but still love bath products, pop one of these in the corner of your shower, and let the indirect water spray activate the soothing aromatherapy of your favorite scent.

What is Whipped Body Butter?

Whipped body butter is a skin care product, that has a consistency and texture that is similar to that of cake frosting or of whipped butter. Whipped body butter is used to moisturize, hydrate, and treat dry skin, and it has a thicker consistency than regular lotion. Whipped body butters do not contain water and that gives it a thick consistency, and enables it to evaporate slower than regular moisturizing lotions.

Oui ‘Je Handmade Whipped Body Butters are made with one or more natural butters such as, shea butter, mango butter and/or chamomile butter, Vitamin E, and scented with fragrance oils or essential oils.

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Mango Delight SoapPomegranate Passion SoapShower Fizzies

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